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Relax, rejuvenate, and walk away lighter from our massage services in Gledswood Hills near Campbelltown. Whether you struggle with a stiff neck, lower back pain or other muscular discomforts, SB Chiro can help. We offer a range of massage styles to help residents from Camden, Narellan, and across the region with a range of ailments. Whether your discomfort is caused by a sports injury, a sedentary job, or perhaps you simply wish to destress – we can help.

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The importance of remedial massage therapy

Improved circulation, relaxation, reduced tension, stress reduction – a massage can do wonders for a sore body. Remedial massage has been used for centuries for the management of good health. It is no longer only considered a luxury or a relaxation technique, it is considered a necessary treatment modality amongst many health professionals. Our massage therapist provides the following techniques and incorporates them within their treatment:

Remedial massage

Trigger point therapy

Sports massage massage

Sinus drainage

Lymphatic drainage

Swedish massage

Conditions it can benefit:

Increase flexibility and improve posture

Reduce tension, soreness, muscle spasms and cramps

Aid in the healing of injuries and sport recovery

Improve blood circulation and oxygen

Improve nutrient delivery to every cell in the body

Decreasing stress

The comprehensive wellness centre

At SB Chiro we’re passionate about helping as many people as possible reach their full health and wellness potential. That’s why we offer a range of services alongside our massage therapy including chiropractic services, naturopathy, and dietetics. If you’re not sure what services you may need to best suit your body’s needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat on (+61) 450 760 002.

We help people not only from Campbelltown, but also from Gledswood Hills, Camden, Narellan, and surrounds for our quality service.

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If you struggle with a sore body, it’s time to book in an appointment with one of our massage therapists. They can help alleviate pain, locate pain points, and offer advice on how to avoid pain in the future. If the problem proves skeletal rather than muscular, we also offer chiropractic services, so that you can rest assured that we’ve got the solutions you need. Reach out to us today on (+61) 450 760 002, or by sending us an email to info@sbchiro.com.au.

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